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Aceper (Association of Renewable Energy Consumers and Producers) was founded in December 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs who invested in renewable sources.

In a sector characterized by a continuous development of a technological, legal and fiscal nature, there is a strong need to have a single representative able of catalyzing the best skills.

Actually, only a superpartes subject can have the strength and the credibility to represent small entrepreneurs, by providing a channel for the expression of their requests and instances within the Institutional Authorities. We have won several legal battles and have started as many, with a strong determination to ensure that our associates’ rights are respected.

Today our association brings together 10,000 plants producing energy from renewable sources. We have reached the milestone of 6,000 members, with 1,500 requests for clarification handled every month. We monitor 5,133 plants for a total installed power that exceeds 2 GWp. Today we are the first association in Italy to protect renewable energy producers and we expect to monitor 15,000 photovoltaic systems by 2023.
Our aim is to develop positively the clean sources which are the backbone of the Italian and European energy strategy.
We have a proactive approach: a dense network of supporting members and specialist members is always available to assist our associates in their daily operations, clarify their doubts and help them better manage their plants. We always keep entrepreneurs up to date on the dynamics of the sector, explaining even the most technical aspects with a simple and comprehensive language.
I have put so much energy into this association and I will put more into it, to repay the trust the associates have placed in me.

Veronica Pitea

After my classical studies in Romania, I complete my studies at the University of Oxford.

Since 2007 I have been involved in strategic marketing, aimed at improving the market share of  multinational companies’ products in European markets. In 2011 I moved to Italy, where in 2012 I opened my first consulting company, taking advantage of the experience I have gained in my career to help SMEs strengthen their commercial presence in Italy and around the world. Meanwhile I continue my updating process, focusing on managerial and personal growth.

Always sensitive to the environmental sustainability, I decide to commit myself directly to promote  the opportunities offered by energy efficiency and the production of renewable energy. Comparing myself with entrepreneurs, who generally do not have technical expertise in the field of energy, I realized the urgency of simplifying the regulatory and technical aspects. In December 2014, the Aceper Association was created to carry out this mission.

Today, I’m CEO of two companies and president of Aceper for a second term.

In 2021 I was elected International Partner for Italy of  WBAF – World Business Angels Investment Found and I was awarded at GLOBAL 28COE di Dubai. My 28 credentials, fruit of my own experience as an entrepreneur and as a woman, have been published in the 28COE Quotes book. It collects in the form of quotes some guidelines and experiences that, in professional life and not, helped the 200 entrepreneurs and business women who collaborated on the book to grow in the best moments and face and overcome difficulties in difficult times. They also rewarded people who in their opinion can make a difference or have made a difference in the business world. And I am proud to have been one of them.


Simone Ruffinatto

After my technical studies, I take part to the UN humanitarian operation in Mozambique. After my release, I attend an international marketing class.

At the beginning of the liberalization of telecommunications in Italy, I started working for British Telecom as Piedmont Area Manager for the BtoB segment. I have held various commercial positions for many domestic and international companies in the TLC industry, as Consulting or Manager, with responsibility for the B2B and B2C sales channels. Beginning in 2011, I decided to pursue entrepreneurship and founded my first consulting firm. Today I am a partner in various activities and manager at Bottega Lumiere Srl, which supports various Italian SMEs in their commercial, marketing and communication strategies.

In 2014 I helped establish the association Aceper, of which I am currently vice-president.

I am always looking for solutions to provide entrepreneurs with clear and correct information in order to build their trust in the future of renewable energy.
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Asistance to associates
Our team

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Telephone assistance to associates
Telephone assistance to associates
Telephone assistance to associates
Telephone assistance to associates
Telephone assistance to associates

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