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The task of Aceper is to act promptly when the customer has trouble managing the plant, understand the reason for the problem and solve it in the most effective way. As a part of our work we have managed and solved hundreds of problems. We have selected some of the most significant cases.

Our Case History

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When GSE has incorrect production data

Due to a meter’s fault, a Piedmontese farm had to ask for the recalculation of production to e-distribution, which provided the data through PEC. Being an official communication, the entrepreneur assumed that the recalculation data had been automatically transmitted also to the GSE. However, this phase was not completed.
We realized that when we provided him with the credentials of our software, which monitors the production of the plant and represents it in the form of graphics, easy to read even for non-experts. A remarkable anomaly was immediately noticed: the production volume calculated by e-distribution for 2017 was much higher than that used by GSE to calculate the incentives (the difference was about 20 thousand kWh).

So in the end GSE paid the farm a total of 11,000 euros in incentives.
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When 4% withholding tax is applied also to farms

By default a 4% withholding tax is applied on all incentives. Farms are exempted from it since they are charged at a flat rate. Not all are aware of this, and the process to recover the amounts already paid can be rather cumbersome. This is what happened to one of our associate, a Piedmontese farm, and we helped them to recover about 3,500 euros for a not due tax.
The farm had not been receiving any government subsidies for about two years when they contacted us. We started to work and understand what happened and found that there were two reasons. First of all, the entrepreneur did not know that he had to periodically update the anti-mafia declaration. In addition, the meter’ self-reading system did not communicate correctly with e-distribution and then GSE calculated the incentives based on a production that was much lower than expected. The entrepreneur had been trying several times to change SIM and operator, until we intervened (with the support of our specialist member) to replace the meter.

The farm has finally received a settlement that is worth over 21,000 euros.
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When the remote reading does not correspond to the real production

After replacing the meter, a large farm in the province of Bergamo was continually in trouble due to technical issues with remote reading. For more than a year the production volume that resulted at GSE has been systematically lower than that actually generated by the plant.
The technical manager tried over and over again to repair the fault, without success. When he called Aceper, we immediately put him in touch with one of our specialist members.

The company was compensated by a cash settlement of over 100 thousand euros.
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When the GSE calculates incentives basing on a production lower than the actual one

A large company in Milan area joined Aceper because they wanted to become more aware of the operation and economic performance of their plants.
Thanks to our software, we noticed that the GSE production’s figures for the month of September 2016 was of 6,900 kWh; that figure was too low for a plant of over 500 kwp. In fact, comparing this number with that of the production register it has become clear that the real figure was 69,000 kWh: ten times that.
We took action to report the anomaly.

Our associate has recovered over 15 thousand euro.
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When the company is not aware of the production of its plant

A medium sized hotel in the province of Pavia had installed a plant for several years. The monitor of the plant was minimal: they simply checked to get the GSE incentives on a regular basis. Such a situation is quite common and understandable. Any entrepreneur devotes his-self to managing his business full time, rather than worrying about the energy production of the plant, since it’s not his core business. To develop the technical skills of the users across the company is not feasible as the technologies in this field are in continuous evolution.
The brief analysis of the production data allowed us to notice immediately evident faults, subsequently confirmed by a further insight of our specialist member.

The plant managed to recover 40% of production.
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When a technical failure compromises panel performance

A small company in the province of Pavia installed our software and realized that its plant was producing less and less every year.
The technical check-up conducted by one of our specialist members established that the panels were in such a bad state that it would have been more convenient to redo the implant from scratch.

The associate followed our suggestion and now the production is higher than expectations.